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Right to Counsel Quarterly Webinar: Real Talk about Technological Innovations in Criminal Justice


Criminal court can be overwhelming and confusing to navigate for people facing criminal charges. While our modern lives are increasingly dependent on technological advancements, local criminal courts are sometimes stalled in the advancement process. Some enterprising start-ups are utilizing technology to ensure that people facing criminal charges and the attorneys who represent them can better navigate the criminal court process.

Good Call is one such organization. Good Call launched a 24-hour hotline in October 2016 that connects people who are arrested with lawyers from the Bronx Defenders to provide them legal support and representation within minutes of their arrest. Uptrust is a text messaging service that reminds people to attend court and provides an opportunity for people to connect to their public defender to ask questions or voice concerns during the pre-trial process. With over 25,000 cases across multiple public defender offices, Uptrust has achieved a 95 percent attendance rate.

During this hour-long webinar, Zoë Root will moderate a conversation between Gabriel Leader-Rose and Jelani Anglin, the co-executive directors of Good Call, and Jacob Sills, the CEO of Uptrust. The panel will explore the impact of each organization’s innovations, the principles of fairness and compassion that underlie their efforts, and the work still to be done to assist the lives of those charged in criminal court.

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