R2C National Campaign: July 2016 Newsletter


State Data on the Right to Counsel

For anyone looking for specific data related to a state or territory’s indigent defense systems, look no further than the Sixth Amendment Center’s State Indigent Defense Systems table. The center has compiled information for each state or territory showing: the percentage of state funding, local funding, and alternative funding, along with whether a particular state commission or branch of government is involved in ensuring public defense services.


Consortium Members Update

American Judges Association:

Annual Conference, September 25-30, Toronto, ON, Canada

September 28 Session: Judge’s Role in Ensuring Constitutional Right to Counsel

Discussion on the role judiciary plays in meaningfully and effectively carrying out the constitutional right to counsel. The panelists will provide an overview on the state of right to counsel in Canada and United States and delve into progresses made in states with respect to right to counsel over the recent years, including a discussion about the newly launched U.S. Department of Justice’s National Campaign on the Right to Counsel (R2C).


·         Norman L. Reimer, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

·         Judge Betty T. Moore, Shelby County, Tennessee

·         Justice James Stribopoulos, Ontario Court of Justice

National Association for Court Management:

Conference material from NACM’s annual conference held earlier this month in Pittsburgh, PA is now available online. You may now view the session material from The Role of Court Managers in Ensuring the Right to Counsel by clicking here.

Do you have updates?

Please continue the R2C momentum and contact either Preeti Menon (pmenon@american.edu) or Genevieve Citrin (citrin@american.edu) with your organization’s current work in advancing the right to counsel.


Call for Blogs and Shareable Content

If you are interested in blogging for R2C or have other published pieces that the Campaign should know about, please contact Ivan Dominguez (idominguez@nacdl.org) or Ezra Dunkle-Polier (edunkle-polier@nacdl.org).


Save the Date

The next R2C quarterly webinar will be on Thursday, September 8 at 2pm ET.


New R2C Consortium Members

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In the News

When it comes to pretrial release, few other jurisdictions do it D.C.’s way by Ann E. Marimow, The Washington Post (July 4, 2016)

Is Change Coming in the Cash Bail System? by Isidoro Rodriguez, The Crime Report (July 11, 2016)

Missouri's public defender system sues over governor's hold on funds by The Associated Press (July 13, 2016)

A Defender Office for Supreme Court Advocacy? by Kimberly Strawbridge Robinson, Bloomberg BNA (July 18, 2016)

Why Poor, Low-Level Offenders Often Plead to Worse Crimes by Juleyka Lantigua-Williams, The Atlantic (July 24, 2016)

50-year story of the Miranda warning has the twists of a cop show, by Victor Li, ABA Journal (August 1, 2016)


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