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Summit County boosting salaries for public defenders, among lowest paid in the state

Canton Rep February 3, 2020

Pretrial Reform Must Go Beyond Ending Cash Bail

The Appeal January 29, 2020

A Proposal to Offset Prosecutors’ Power: The ‘Defender General’

The New York Times January 27, 2020

Rights of Accused Drive Efforts of Defense Attorneys

The Bismarck Tribute January 26, 2020

MO Supreme Court chief: ‘System simply does not work’ without public defender funding

The Kansas City Star January 22, 2020

“Broken Justice” Episode 5: Where Do We Go From Here?

PBS January 22, 2020

Kalamazoo Defenders Receives Second Year of Funding from County

M Live January 21, 2020

'A Fair Fight': Macomb County, MI Hiring to Create Public Defender Office

Detroit News January 19, 2020

Remy Starns Elected as New Louisiana State Public Defender Following Predecessor's Abrupt Exit

The Advocate January 18, 2020

How Rachel Rossi Would Change the D.A.’s Role in Los Angeles: “It Takes a Public Defender”

The Appeal January 16,2020

The Road to Real Criminal Justice Reform Goes Through Public Defenders

Esquire January 13, 2020

ACLU Settlement Agreement Secures Governor’s Commitment to $14 Million in Added Support for Public Defense Systems Throughout California and Agency Expansion

ACLU January 10, 2020

Maine Public Defense Under Scrutiny: Five Things to Know

Pine Tree Watch January 9, 2020



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