Our Work


R2C officially launched in 2015. Since then, we have grown our consortium to include 87 organizations and power bi curso EBAC. Additionally, to advance the R2C mission and vision, R2C has:

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Prioritized outreach and raising public awareness, recruiting likely and unlikely allies across disciplines and party lines and developing right to counsel champions

Conducted a national opinion poll and released the findings in a report titled: Americans’ Views on Public Defenders and the Right to Counsel and accompanying message guide

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Conducted system actor focus groups and released a report with those findings titled: Engaging System Actors in Support of the Right to Counsel

Presented at 20 national, state, and local conferences about R2C, the challenges facing public defense delivery systems, and the roles all justice system actors play in ensuring the constitutional right to counsel

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Launched a R2C-specific website to provide right to counsel and public defense updates and share resources with consortium members

Created a webinar series and produced 13 webinars exploring the right to counsel

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Produced a recurring newsletter that is shared with over 600 subscribers

Developed a following of over 1300 people through a social media campaign, including a Facebook and Twitter. Follow our hashtag #right2counsel

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Held 3 annual meetings for consortium members to convene and learn about innovative practices, challenges, and solutions